The issue of how to handle energy efficiently is becoming increasingly important in Bangladesh. Without energy management, many companies find it hard to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

An energy management system or energy audit makes it easier to pinpoint these opportunities. A methodical procedure, such as ISO 50001, can significantly improve energy efficiency and also reduce energy consumption. This enables companies to benefit from lower energy costs. Furthermore, by introducing an energy management system, potential savings on taxes, contributions and charges can be identified.

Inspore Engineering Can help you:

  • Conduct internal energy audits as well as energy audits according to ISO 50002.
  • Set up systems and processes to continuously improve energy efficiency: implementation of ISO 50001 and its integration into the existing management environment.
  • Conduct energy quick checks specific to your branch of industry to improve energy efficiency.
  • Make the use of energy more transparent in companies through recording and evaluating the amount of energy consumed by systems, processes and divisions.
  • Analyze your energy value stream: improved energy utilization in production processes by pinpointing areas where energy is wasted.
  • Develop individual measures to improve energy efficiency, taking building equipment into account.
  • Implement energy-saving measures
  • Conduct holistic energy efficiency projects according to the method of Total Energy Efficiency Management (TEEM).