HVAC systems generally consume the highest amount of energy in comparison to other building systems. From study to design, initial phasing to construction, our mechanical engineers are determined to deliver a solution that integrates energy efficiency with indoor environment quality and thermal comfort through practical solutions.
Our long successful history of troubleshooting mechanical systems as well as HVAC design for system replacements and upgrades provide expertise in: boiler & heating plants, chilled & condenser water plants, heat recovery systems, variable air volume systems, laboratory exhaust systems, kitchen exhaust systems, make-up air systems, humidification systems, refrigeration systems, hydronic heating & cooling systems, steam heating systems, clean room systems, computer room air conditioning systems, natatorium dehumidification systems, heat pump systems, geothermal (ground-source) systems, combined-heat and power systems, and energy management control systems.

Our specialists have designed HVAC systems for various residential and industrial buildings, factories and shopping centers.