The ISO 50001 (energy management standard) will provide you with a management system that allows more control over your energy usage. The successful application of the standard will help you to reduce your energy costs through improved efficiency and enable you to monitor future usage and costs. Achieving ISO 50001 will keep you up to date with the latest industry best practice and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Inspore Engineering can assist with any aspect of your energy management system, from writing an energy management policy to a full system, ready for assessment by an accredited certification body.

1. Gap analysis between your system and the requirements of ISO 50001.

2. An understanding of your key energy using processes.

3. Targets for future improvements.

4. Operational controls to help you achieve your energy management objectives.

5. A network of engaged and motivated ‘energy champions’.

6. Energy audits.

7. Internal audits of both your system and compliance with legislation.

8. Reviews to check whether the system continues to meet the requirements of the standard.

9. Training to improve general understanding, conduct energy audits and other internal audits.

10. Creation and maintenance of your register of legislation and other requirements.